and... Exhale

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away...

Yoga is the unity of one with their soul...The study of thyself...Yoga is the light which once lit will never dim...the more inspired your practice the brighter the flame.


Step into your power and SHINE!

Yoga Therapy...

Privates: One on one individual sessions customized for client's personal goals

Duets: A pairing of souls with similar goals

Trios: The unity of three souls with similar goals 

Group classes: Four or more!


There is something for everyone...

Vinyassa flow, Soothing and healing Restorative, Gentle Serenity, or try Yin & Yang for a fusion of soft poses with long holds.   


*Pricing available upon request, location may vary

Joanna is one of those few souls that one encounters in life who is truly practicing her divine life’s work. I’ve received the gift of Joanna’s teaching in privates, duos, trios and groups in multiple settings. Joanna is inspired and works with individual energies to open up mind body connections and achieve physical and emotional goals. She is as gentle as she is strong and knows when to push the athlete inside and when to gently nourish the soul. She is the most intuitive teacher I have ever worked with and practicing with this warrior-goddess changed my life forever.
— Nedra Fabito
I’ve been taking Joanna’s Pilates and yoga sculpt class for about a year. Joanna has great depth of knowledge developing core strength and incorporating the philosophies and spirituality of the Pilates and yoga practices. Joanna’s classes are challenging, fun, but most important REWARDING… stronger core, improved flexibility, and no more back pain! Always great music… Louie Armstrong, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, the latest pop, and of course yoga music. If you strive to be a Super Hero, you will learn from one of the best!
— John Cleary

San Diego, CA