and... Exhale

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away...

Joanna Trailov
Founder & Owner, and...Exhale

I am an inspired and intuitive teacher, mentor, and coach. Driven by good old fashion heart and soul...I have become a divinely driven and motivating fitness professional offering many opportunities to enhance personal growth from the inside out. The dedication it takes to have personal goals and internal motivation goes beyond physical training.  With a certification in Sports Medicine I am able to create diverse movement patterns for my clients, providing function, strength and balance.

I believe in creating meaningful moments, learning what feels right for you and how to rise after you fall. From competitive dance, collegiate cheer, to tri-atholons, and half-marathon.   I have had my share of training and self discoveries. None have broken me open more than the journey itself rather than the destination.

During the last 15 years I have studied and practiced the Pilates repertoire. I am very passionate about teaching Pilates and have created some unique sequencing to execute such foundational movement with a creative flair. Teaching Pilates was a gateway to move through the physical energy which lead me to path of healing.

I have always intuitively been guided and it was a joy and a blessing to become a Master Reiki Practitioner. In the last 10 years I deepened my practice and continued my studies in Yoga. The Yoga Therapy has enhanced all of my clients and evokes vibrance through many healing modalities. It is remarkable to watch someone transform and step into their personal power. Experiencing that with someone is such a gift and gives to me as much as them.

I have experience working with heart patients and cancer patients, rehabilitation, couples, prenatal, moms ,dads, children, NFL & MLB athletes, aspiring athletes, as well as the uninspired...the work remains the same, we are all doing it and when we realize that we become one. One heart, one love.

That being said, my greatest work of all is being a mother of four beautiful children who teach me, open me, and give me new eyes to see from.

I am woman, hear me roar... a friend, a love, and a student of life....I am a Goddess

I cry, I laugh, and learn through all of life's experiences...It is my beauty and what makes me humble.

I am doing the work in this life with you...Right along side of you.  I don't preach...I practice and everyday is a practice...I am a Warrior.

I am Light...I am Love...I am Soul...I am Honored.


Our mother is the most inspirational woman we have ever met and get to know every day. She gives us strength. Not only is she our mom, but also our friend. She will go to any length to help others achieve their goals.
— Riley (20), Dustin (19), and Bella (15)
My mom rocks!
— Gia (12)

San Diego, CA