and... Exhale

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away...

Its Time To Change The Channel!

I have the most amazing job...I am so in love with the gifts I open every time I teach. This past Saturday brought me the most remarkable present to date. I have the honor to teach at the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa. If you have never been there please gift yourself the experience. For those of you that do know this blessed sanctuary then what I will share is no surprise. Rancho Valencia attracts such beautiful and soulful spirits and I have collided with such wise enlightened people there through my classes. Saturday was like always a glorious day and the studio radiated light and healing energies.

The most beautiful man takes my Yoga Flow and he graced me with his presence yet again on this day. He is a tall, stealth man, and eyes like glass so full of life with depth and unspoken can't help but feel curious to hear.  He is joyful and playful...mindful and gracious. Perhaps 60 plus in age and a heart that runs deep with soul, overflowing with love. Often times he will just hold a pose and listen to class with a smile of a child from ear to ear. Today was no different.

After class he came to me with gratitude and a warm hug. We talked for quite some time...I was so intrigued by his intelligence and simplicity. Wise words spoken from a gentleman with life's experience to back them up. He was a Doctor of Chiropractic and Kinisolgy...and so grateful to have lived such a life practicing what he loved and now...having the opportunity to live in such place where he is able to enjoy the amenities of Rancho Valencia. We talked about our shared love for the spine and the fascinated we both felt about the miracle of anatomy and the bodies the brain effects how we function and whatnot. I jokingly asked him a question about the brain and how to get myself to stop thinking about shopping and wanting more workout clothes. He looked at me and said...."What do you do when you are watching TV and want to watch something different?" I responded..."You change the channel" "Yes" he said... "It's that simple...ya change the channel. Its all how you look at things. When you you don't want to see it or think it...ya just CHANGE THE CHANNEL"

He sincerely went on to share with me how he was gifted a diagnosis of Parkinson's years ago...key word he used. "Gifted" as his body continued to twitch and shake his eyes honed into a very grounded place his heart. He spoke with strength and conviction as he shared. "We all have choices. I certainly do...I could take medications and let myself be unhappy. But I changed the channel. I choose to do Yoga and Pilates and Spin class...I'm a vegetarian. I change the channel and choose to be minful and in tune. In that moment he reminded me of how powerful our minds are and how much energy and power we have to change what it is we put our attention on. Each of us has a reason to be one way or the other. As he spoke I could not see the Parkinson's I had CHANGED the channel and could only see this beautiful soul in front of me sending light, inspiration, and love generously.

I will never be the same after this day...I aspire to be so ordained and honorable. The world is a better place because of him...he is a living angel to us all-

So...I ask what channel are you on? Is it time to CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL?


I do.

Its good in the day...busy and full...I wait in between takes to be the experience for another. Its good in the moment of the eb and the flow. I am so many things to so many people all at once most days. I YEARN for the moment I can decompress and allow another love to be that for me. I crave the rock that can ground me and the river that can flow...I too,0 desire the spa and the resort. Candle light dinner and affection...adoration...little surprises for no reason.. I dream of the night to come home to someone and look forward to nothing more than take out and our favorite TV shows. Spontaneity...PASSION. I just want to be loved and feel worry or doubt. I seek the freedom in love and relationship...companionship...and family. I want to be able to rely on someone and have a bad day and still be dream with someone and actually experience the dream come true. The world tells me I need only me and to focus on my kids...or that I should be independent...and yes I know I can do all that just fine. But I enjoy the company of laughter...socialism...and touch. It feeds my soul like water when dehydrated. Quenching the thirst my heart can only absorb. Its risky even to say this out run the risk of coming off needy or pathetic but I dont care...sometimes I just need to say it. I get lonely in the filled rooms and the daily pursuit of happiness...and self fulfillment. I dont have daddy issues...nor do I  need a man to pay my bills. I just wanna love and be loved. To be thought of and experience kindness and compassion...tenderness and loyalty. Yes. I WANT MARRIAGE...FAMILY...HAPPILY EVER FOREVER. I WANT TO FEEL SPECIAL IN THE EYES OF ANOTHER AND TO LOVE SO DEEPLY FOR ANOTHER THEY GROW AND GROW. I do... Want to say those words and know that I am the luckiest girl in the world and that I am going to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate. I want it all. I am ready. I never thought I would be this clear in what it was I wanted. I work diligently at a career that is my dream...and every day I am reminded of what it is I want now...and that share my dreams with daily, forever, and always with a love so true. I am now confronting if wanting this is the same as believing it will happen. Or trying to convince myself I dont want it because I dont believe it will happen. The mind fuck is rediculous. The nights haunt me...sometimes a reminder of what I miss...and thirst. I have denied myself of even wanting that in an exempt to hide from vulnerability embarrassed of what someone would think if they knew. How would a man feel if he knew that about me would he think I was weak? Those feelings terrified me.

And happen. One Sunday...teaching at my amazing Resort in Del Mar a bride as gorgeous as ever came thru with her handsome groom to take pictures. They were gushing with Love. Tears of joy came through. I was enamored with the vision of this beautiful moment my eyes and heart where experiencing. It was clear. I would be lying to myself if I said I did not want that. I do... No pun intended... I do. I am proud to say what I want and I am scard to confront if I believe I will have that. Does it come down to self I ready, able, free to love and be loved? I am. I do... I knew who I was when I proclaimed my independence and conqueror the daily demands of motherhood and balancing my career and pave the way to my future. I dont know this girl...or do I? Is she the real me? Is this my purest most innocent place within. The goddess within that is love. I was never ment to be with many for I am my best with one...loyal and profound. Intimate and enriched with depth. This is who I am. I am the anchor...the bay of family and the wealth of nourishment. I love to love. I AM THE inner voice screams to be heard and embraced. I AM THE ONE.

I can fill up the days but just can't swallow he night of emptiness. Am I strong for being honest and voicing this desire. Or weak for needing wanting searching for that someone to love that loves me back and wants to grow old with me too. I have worked on thyself...I enjoy being alone...I am a great Mom. I just would love share my day and celebrate the hard work life calls for at times. A hero to rally momentous times and hold me when I am tired. I have been all of these things for myself. And I have come to learn I am my greatest when I can love and I am free when I am loved. So no doubt I can and will do so always... I have convinced myself at times I am fine and can do it all...all by myself. Sadly, I just dont want to even though I can...what do I gain by wanting? I can just keep strong...I am not desperate or needy...or am I? If I don't allow myself to feel that way and it never happens than I never have to feel disappointed...but who am I kidding. I do... I do care I do want I do love

and worth it! I am worth the love I give and I deserve to receive it back...I am the beauty I see and I am the dream, I dream. A hopeless romantic I am... I do. I believe. Waiting impatiently. Lol


I Wonder What Today Will Bring...

I wonder what TODAY will bring... As I open my eyes I wait to rise...taking in the energy that the dawn brings. Inhale...and...Exhale. Every morning I wake up with wonder. I use to never think twice about it but as I have gotton older and wiser I realize how unexpected life is on a daily basis. I may have an agenda...a few scheduled appointments on the books but as long as I am living and experiencing others in my day anything and I mean anything can happen. If I had a dollar for all the times I said..."I was having such a great day and then..." O boy would I be rich! Nothing seems to shock me anymore. I have become a warrior of change and a pioneer in adjustments. I believe in the best of all and have respect in my moral compass more now than ever. Therefore, as life happens and curve balls come my way...I can rely on the tools God gave me to tighten up the lose ends or loosen up whats to tight,) Im truly humbled by grace and the most powerful asset I have is my BREATH at times. Joy is my virtue and peace of mind is my alloy. My temper is the thief at times and In those moments I pray for redemption. However, Solace is the epic place in which I feel the twilight ...all the while the fiery from the energies emerging... for another day is coming my way!

My Mantra... God use me as a vehicle to do great things. Use me, I am yours. I am here and I trust. PLEASE give me all that is needed to do what I am called to do each day. I am a vessel of Love...Light...and an instrument of Peace. Thank You Thank You Thank You


How in Demand are you?

How in Demand are you? And...Why? How often do you find yourself chasing the demands of others? Losing track of your mindset all to appease another's time frame... I wonder if we allow it to exist because people can expect the behavior or because we have created the expectation ourselves? Could it be possible that if those rely on our reactions they then know what triggers to push to create the hype in thier demands? What sense of control is exchanged and how much power do you have or are you giving away? Do we allow ourselves to chase this relentless energy exchange because it makes us feel wanted, needed, and desired? Or...are we unaware of our self worth, time, and gift we offer? Is it possible that if we did realize how much energy was being exhausted in satisfying demands we might allow for more contentment...imagine that. Take a moment and reflection all that on the list of things to do for tomorrow. What is necessary and what is not? How can your simply and create more time at ease and without any timeline or demands? LET GO...and find out what happens when you ease up on the chase and forgo the immediate response and just be. It will all get done as it should and life will not end if it doesn't. Let peace be with you and because of you not because of how many demands you sufficed. Chances are when you are less reactive to the demands the change will be and the demands will evolve into softer experiences that feel organic and peaceful.

Good Luck Everyone! and...Exhale-

Not so fast!

So often we hit a place in life where change is needed because we are not having the success we would like...we get bored...or maybe even have reached a point that we are ready to "Just do it". Is it time to lose a few pounds, get into shape, end a relationship, or perhaps start a new one? Is it about finances or career status? Have your emotions been ruling you? Is your physical tired and in need for a jump start? Well...Im not here to tell you that for $39.99 you can get thin or rich fast. I am not giving you the "guaranteed or your money back" that if you move, or end a relationship it will be the answer to your problems... nope, I am not going to tell you...that if you drink this shake you will lose wieght or if you workout for 30 minutes a day you will look lean and fit! I can't even guarantee that if you take that vacation or save for a rainy day it will make a difference. See, there really is no method to the madness unless your ready to look inside yourself. We are our greatest teacher and can also be our greatest villain. There are alot of quick fixes out there. Goodness infomercials, trainers with meal plans and the latest workouts. Relationship gurus and vacation getaways! Yes they all provide a method to convince you the end result will give you joy and freedom. But does it really? Or are they more plans, guidelines, rules, and guilt if the expected outcome is not gratified?

Take a deep breath and...Exhale- Spend sometime with yourself and remember. Remember what feels right, and peel apart the layers one by one. All that you need is within. Remember what it is you already know. Start with how you feel about what it is your hoping to change. Make a clear definition of what it is that makes you happy and what it is that you desire.

When we feed ourselves with those nutrients the fillers lose thier value. Empty calories are not craved and the added pounds diminish. When we quench our thirst for life the extra cash is not spent on artificial sweeteners. When we we take the time to dream a plan is set into play and intentions water our minds and engage the heart in ways that evoke inspiration, love, and freedom. None of which cost a dime...just time. So please before ya jump in on the next quick fix. Ask yourself why? Take a moment and breath...feel...and truly understand what it is that you desire and what drives those intentions. Listen, and observe your behaviors that follow. A journal is an amazing vessel to release. Your answers will come from one of two places. Fear or Love. Be brave and be honest...the truth will create awareness and that will give you a readiness. Keep it simple... Fear controls us Love sets us free When we do things from a fear base we will always stay idle and under its control. When we come from a loving place we have the open place to grow and be free of all fears.

The choice is your...Take your time. This is your life. Let go...simplify...and be present. Success is not measured by how much money you make, how much you weigh, or even by what titles you have. There is no denying the many creative ways to assist you and support you in your journey. When we create meaningful experiences we open and grow... old patterns break and new ones embark sparking the freedom to be.

Take the time to connect with you...

Be Significant...Just do you! and...Exhale-


What's your exchange?

Do you serve or are you served?  Ever find that regardless the position, if your intention is pure on both ends, the exchange should feel balanced and filling; however, when the exchange is weighted unevenly by ego or expectations the experience changes.  Take a look at the roles you play and how the how your intention influences the experience.  

For instance... if a customer in a restaurant expects to be served and treats the chef and employees of the restaurant like servants and behaves as if they are beneath him because he deserves to be treated like royalty there no doubt will be a challenge in providing there.  Same difference if on the other hand, the chef, staff, and restaurant itself had an air about them that exuded they were above all others and doing a favor to provide their services clients and costumers may feel challenged in that energy exchange as well.

So what I am asking is to acknowledge the roles in which we play and mindfully recognize that we each play both roles in life with different relationships.  Taking the time to create meaningful experiences with people will create a balanced interaction in most cases.  I have found that when given the chance, most people will respond with ease and harmonize when peace, respect, and kindness is offered organically and without demands of expectations.  

Today is a new day.  Serve and be served with LOVE AND APPRECIATION.  

Find out what happens when you bring a pure heart with pure intentions to the table instead of fear, control, and demands.  Today is gonna be a great day!  Love.  Love.  Love.


So what will your day bring?

It’s a Tuesday Morning and a man wakes up feeling refreshed and motivated to start his day... morning coffee and his usual conference calls then off to the field to walk some sites.  A typical day and if anything, feeling elated to get out of town later that week for a loved one’s birthday.  He had mindfully planned to treat his lady to a special dinner and paint the town red! 

In one moment’s time everything changed.  He was hit and his life would never be the same.  He was hit... and by noon instead of grabbing a quick lunch, time was passing by in the Trauma Center at the E.R.  Just like that... in a flash life changed... his next few days slip in and out, anticipating surgery.  He is unable to walk and the simple things we take for granted like going to the bathroom and brushing teeth are goals for him... and that weekend away with his lady will not be had any time soon.

Each day is a miracle of healing and a will to do now what’s needed to be done to redeem what once was a “given”...his new job is going to be rehab and meeting with physical therapists to learn how to walk again... there is no doubt he will gain his stride in the future but for now, and ever since that Tuesday morning... time has slowed down and his days have become different...

So...I wonder what your day will bring?

Take time to be present because you just never know when life will hit you.


Everybody needs Somebody

We were born to love and be loved.

Yet somewhere along the way, life tells us to be independent, take care of yourself, and not rely on anyone but yourself.  THOSE ARE SOME MIXED MESSAGES!   It’s no wonder we have so many divorces and relationships that challenge us.  It is our nature to love and we naturally seek connection and relationships yet when we find it, often we resist it...finding ourselves frustrated or even feeling weakened by the power of love because in some way it seems to feel like we lose our identity. Controlling?  Suffocating?  Trapped?  

Or that you have a commitment phobia? Can't trust?  Or are afraid of getting hurt?  I have felt these emotions and empathize with others that feel this way too, it is so common.  But what if... just what if, you allowed yourself to climb into your heart and serve your soul’s desires to love and be loved?  Is it possible that allowing yourself to connect... it could... it would EMPOWER you?  And submitting to another in utmost trust and faith would not make you weak or controlled but rather set you free knowing you have someone on your side.  I do believe it’s very important to achieve independence but in all my life, the most powerful thing I have ever experienced is allowing myself to love and be loved… to allow for the unpredictable and out of my control energy to flow and to trust by the sheer grace of faith.  Everybody needs somebody and having someone to rely on and need can be a very powerful experience.  NO ONE IS PERFECT... so stop looking for a reason why it won’t work or justifying for holding back from it all.  There will never be a better time other than the moment in which it happens.  Don’t give up on people... love or relationships.  God only knows what life will bring... there will be times in which being your biggest fan will be all you need but my hope for all is that everyone finds that someone that is the number one fan through thick and thin... good times and bad.  My wish for all is to love and be loved, to trust and to feel free to be!  So make a promise today to connect and allow others in to be there for you and to love you.  You are so worth it... and lucky for those YOU love back!


Strength to Match the Challenge

In times of change, transition, and adversity we peak... there is a moment of choice to allow for the shift and experience its gain or loss.  Each of us are given the strength to match the challenge and if we take the opportunity to seize the moment and rise... there is an extraordinary reward in growth and change.  Are you willing to go to whatever measures are calling for you?  Take a moment to respect all of life's happenings and mindfully acknowledge the things you cannot control and allow for the shifts to occur organically.  Make note to the process of "Being" and allow faith to become prevalent in all uncertainty.  Those divine interventions driven and lead by faith are what undoubtedly will lead you to your grandest victories... 


What is on your agenda?

How are you today?  What is on your agenda for today?  Take a moment to set some intentions... plant some seeds. Once you have had that moment... take a deep breath.  Inhale...and Exhale.

Breathe life into those thoughts and draw in the light... as you exhale, release any restrictions and thoughts that may not serve you or those intentions.  

Draw upon your blessings… all the positive and goodness that surrounds you and ask that all your angels and guides come forth to lead you and support you.  Inhale...and Exhale...

Send loving energy to those near and dear and light and peace to those in need.


Inhale...and Exhale-


Stay on top of your pain... hmm what a concept.  So as I sit in the hospital with my dad I count the times I hear those words.  To support this, he is given a button to press every ten minutes to drop medication into his body so that he can "STAY ON TOP OF THE PAIN."  Now granted it’s warranted in his condition but it got me thinking... what if we all came equipped with a button to press that could manage our pain with?  Can you fathom having a little button that you could hit to give you a dose of peace and love?  Forgiveness, compassion, or kindness?   I believe we can all create that trigger with mindfulness and an open heart.  I DARE YOU TO PRESS THAT BUTTON.


Whats in your cup today?

Whats in your cup today?  Has it spilled or is it filled?  

Have you indulged on some ingredients that taste really good and gives you lots of good vibrations?  Or is it empty?  Perhaps even bland?  Have you pulled from the earth and all its natural resources including vitamins that nourish, a piece of mind, and rest for your body and soul?  Oh, and how about LOVE?  HAS IT WATERED YOUR HEART and spilled onto everything around?  Or has the drab taken the sweet nectar of the divine right from the pour?  Does laughter haunt you and make you giggle when noone is around?  Or are tears pouring from the spout of anger and fear?   What's in your cup today?  Have you taken a sip of Karma?  Is it good?  Or bad?  How does it taste?  Sweet?  Yummy?  Spicy?  Salty?  Bitter? 

Take a moment... pour a cup of your energy and taste what you have been drinking today?  Is it what you want or need?  Does it satisfy your palate?  What are you serving today?



And so are you.
I am worthy.
And so are you.
I have made mistakes.
And so have you.
I forgive
So can you
I see the best in all.
So can you
I have compassion.
So can you
I choose to move forward fiercely.
So can you
I take chances.
So can you
I fall and I get up.
So can you
I feel one way one day and another way the next... I accept me. I love me.  I see so much of me in you.  And YOU... in me
Do you?

What sort of abundance are you attracting?

In a world of instant Gratification how long do you give yourself to reach a goal?  Do you even have any at this time?  Take a moment… reach for a pen and paper and make a list of all of the things that you have completed this last year.  Alongside that list, document the length of time in which it took you to complete the goal from the moment in which the intention was set.  Then, make another list of intentions that still seek completion... asking yourself why it has not been attained.

How often do we allow opportunities to slip by because we don't do what’s needed to accomplish it?  How many things are on the "to do" list that fill up our days but not our goals?

How often do those tasks on the "to do" list become instant gratifications rather than trailblazers to goals and opportunities?  I do believe we can have it all... in time.  Take a long look at those lists and then ask yourself if they are all that you really really want at this time.  It’s your life and it’s up to you to prioritize how you wish to spend time that creates the life you live.  Is it time to declutter and create some clear paths of intention?  Each and every one of us is manifesting and able to receive an abundant life.  What sort of abundance are you attracting?  Those lists... well, they should tell you!


What if we were programmed?

What if we were programmed?  Like we had predestined microchips that had our entire life plan and mission for us to carry out...  What do you think yours would be?  I am pretty certain my mission lately would be emotions and imperfections.  I definitely am one sensitive goddess that has made being imperfect her job!  No matter how hard I try to be suave and have Swag... those dancing diva Karma angels go Charlie's Angels on me.  What is your mission?  Do you realize what you’re called to do?  ISN’T THAT THE QUESTION OF THE YEAR?????  Do you carry on for the sake of doing so... day in and day out... blah blah blah.

IF ONLY, if only we could romance these topics like the great gods of our times, the answers would fall from our hearts’ desires and have affairs with the heavens of hell.   

HOWEVER... with all sarcasm aside, there is some depth in all of our piles of shit.  Under it all, when ya dust off the film of desensitized triggers, there lies the one button in all of us that will unleash the beast. and charge the force greater than all self-control.


Have you realized what your interpretation is?  Do you know that through you, others learn and feel and see themselves? 


We reflect what we are feeling within...

and...we are mirrors for others to see themselves through.

Impressed that you are that capable of giving that much???

Having any glitches?


Are you tired?

I’m tired...

I say that with love in my heart and oodles of gratitude but I am really tired...

It’s amazing how there are days when I feel like the energizer bunny and I just keep going and going...

And then there are days when I feel heavy and just want to snuggle up and be loved on.  Hmmmm.... am I tired or do I need to be nurtured?  

It’s kinda like that rebuttal ya get from your trainer when you tell them that you’re hungry and their response is...just drink some more water it will fill you up!

Does it really????  Hmmmm... so if that’s the case...which came first the chicken or the egg?

No wonder I am tired, my mind is just so curious and constantly seeking life... I am hungry for more and more each day.  I had eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner so clearly there is some clarity there!  Thank goodness for my dreams, they await me and call for me which is why I am constantly chasing them.  

Hmmmm... just the thought of them awakens me... who needs sleep when you have rainbows to follow and stars to fall upon!  My next leap... is faith!


Mindfulness is Manmade

We create our lives.
It's that simple. 
We create dis-ease...and we create harmony.
It will take as much energy being a vessel of chaos as it will to be an open vessel of willingness and expansion.
It is our duty as a soul, to be great!  
It's that simple.  
Don't waste the beautiful divine gifts and talents you have by playing small... being controlled by fear or by allowing others to take your energy carelessly.  
Be Great like it's your job because it is.  
No one will do you better than you and no one will hurt you more than you.  So make a choice.  NOW.  CHOOSE GREATNESS.
With every breath, hydrate your every being with life... faith.. compassion.. kindness to thyself and allow your BEAUTY to shine.  Show your unique sense of being and feel comfortable with all that you are.
Be the vessel of greatness... it is your job and why you have been given this life to live.  To live a good life is your purpose and no other.  With every breath, shift and explore... with every breath release and let go of all energies and thoughts that limit you.  Feel who you are; know who you are and be Great!

Ya never know who you are talking to...

Ya just never know who you are speaking to so ALWAYS speak with kindness and love.   Ya never know what kind of day someone had or what type of life experiences they have... so ALWAYS be gentle and compassionate.  Life can pull us in many directions and it's so imperative that we are mindful to how influential our words can be, how noticeable our actions are and how profound the delivery of our intentions can be.  Ya never know who is listening and watching and most of us don't realize the impact we have on others and the ripple effect it has in life.  It's remarkable how what we say and do can penatrate.  It's impeccable and pertinent in our vitality and our future.  Think about that....

Take a moment to tune into all that is blooming in your life today from the actions, intentions, and thoughts you proclaimed a year ago.  How have the people and places in your life become the cornerstone in which you launch?  How have those moments played roles in your present success and perhaps, even failures, today?   Powerful isn't it?   Ya just never know who you are talking to to... what YOU put out there comes back.  Tenfolds.  So, be tender with your words whenever given the chance; take it with grace and allow your actions to be a commitment of service divinely guided from loving intentions and an open heart.   Ya just never know who is listening and receiving you.  Allow yourself to be that vessel; have faith that the universe always provides and you will ALWAYS have exactly what it is that you need when needed.  As you give the gift of you, it inspires others to do the same and ya just never know when that gift of another will become a gift to YOU!


Until you have walked a mile in my shoes...

Until you have walked a mile in my shoes don't question why I do it...
Until you walk a mile in my shoes don't minimize my feelings...
Until you have walked a mile in my shoes don't judge or act as if you know better...
Until you walk a mile in my shoes don't tell me what I should do...

Love me... anyway.
Support me... regardless.
Stand with me... not in front of or behind.
And... feel me, breathe with me, and be one with me.

I no more want to be right or wrong by you.  I just want to BE with you.  We are all in this life; working out life's lessons... we have all had our share of life experiences... and our "dis-ease" is man made.  So please, love one another... hold space for one another... and give love generously like it's your job!  Life is too short to be anything but happy and we all deserve grace... kindness... and peace.



So I cant help but write this week on food as I am very compelled by it.  Lately because of my digestion issues and the challenges I have with what I eat...  The days of ordering anything off the menu are gone.  I have to read labels and feel so restricted.  Along the way I have taken it upon myself to research and learn about food and how it can heal or poison us.  What an eye opener.  I THINK THIS HAS BECOME MY NEW OBSESSION!  The funny thing is even knowing some of what I do about how bad food can be and even knowing how bad it can make me feel I still crave it.  In fact possibly more!  Really?  Seriously?  Why does food have so much control.  Its not even a living being.  It has more fame than money...and deserts have celebrity status.  All I read on social media is eigther how to cook amazing meals or deserts...while on the other hand the market for health and wellness is skyrocketing with latest trends in diet and exercise to combat obesity.

As most begin a diet they are already in anticipation for the cheat day!  How ironic is that?  So I do we change this force of control.  And please dont tell me moderation and bla bla bla.  I can get that answer from scrolling facebook!  What I want to know is what is it the compelled the world to indulge or restrict as extreme as we do.  With consequences of wieght perfection.   Is there truly balance, moderation, and wellness?  

I wish all peace in thier nutrition journey...someone once told me just because you can doesnt mean you should.  I encourage you to ask yourself what exactly are you feeding?  Or starving?


San Diego, CA